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Past Activities


International Workshop 2006
3rd Mediterranean Workshop of Alexandria      
Artist workshop from April 7th to 17th - Exhibition until April 28th

Under the aegis of H.E. Farouk Hosni, Minister of Culture of Egypt and with the patronage of H.E. Adil Labib, Governor of Alexandria, the ECUME(s) Alexandria and Marseille organise the 3rd Mediterranean Photo Workshop of Alexandria. From April 7th to 17th, 10 photographers from France, Italy, Tunisia, Syria and Egypt will come together in Alexandria. The pictures they take during these ten days will then be collectively exhibited at the Atelier of Alexandria until April 28th.  >>




International Activities


Youth salon




National Activities

BJCEM biennale

Artists in Residency


Summer Studios










Rencontres Arts et Multimédia Internationales

International Encounters on Arts and Multimedia

The RAMI project is the result of a cooperation that began in 2001 between the following major partners: SHAMS-Beirut, ZINC/ECM-Marseilles, l’ATELIER of Alexandria and ASTAR-Milan. The RAMI project, initiated in September 2006 until December 2007, is a platform for experimentation and communication that will organize international meetings based on contemporary creation, digital tools and multimedia,

Rami is financed by

Anna Lindh Foundation - Al-Mawred Al Thaqafy

Dramastica Institute - Open Society Institute - Ford Foundation - French Cultural Centre in Beirut –– Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur – Ministère des affaires étrangères français.

....



International workshop 2006

Atelier of Alexandria international workshop program is an intense two weeks studio session for an international group of professional visual artists in AAW, The exhibition will held in AAW. The workshop's mission is to create an environment designed to maximize exchange, stimulate new ideas and encourage experimentation. it's open to all artists from all the world to apply. The workshop culminates in an Open Studio exhibition, free and open to the general public. During the workshop, artists will receive organized studio visits from critics, writers and curators....read more.>>►



The first international youth salon 2006 opened on 16th of April, at 7pm

AAW / Atelier of Alexandria received 23 applications from Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Thailand, USA, Sweden, South Africa Macedonia, Albania and Croatia plus 111 applications from Egyptian Artists. the selection committee selected more than 190 artworks from 63 Artists. there was two seminars about the Croatian arts and Swedish arts on monday 17 april 2006.

the participants:  3 from Croatia, one from Thailand, one from Germany, two from Italy and one from Sweden. they won a Award Certification and AAW Medallions. and 58 Egyptian artists was participated 10 from Cairo, 5 from Kafr Elshik, 3 from Luxor, one from Elmenia and 39 from Alexandria, for more information and winners names....read more  è






Jan Cardel's workshop

AAW and Escendrila Association are cooperated to manage this workshop with the Swedish artist Jan Cardel and 6 Alexandrian artist, they working in sculpture and Kinetic Art fields. this workshop will open on Monday, 6 March till 17 March 2006 at 7 PM.




Origami Art Workshop

15 youth artists and children participated in the ambassador Yousri Elkewadi's  workshop.

witch hold on January 19 - 20, 2006.



Naples Biennial 2005

Workshop BJCEM //Alexandrie// Marseille// Napoli.
Passion and Trajectories.

Using various lively arts as a starting point (dance, stenography, acting, music, stage direction, scriptwriting, visual arts (photography, plastic arts, video and new technologies), aiming to confront artistic disciplines and practices in different countries.

15 young artist and multimedia designer are gaining in understanding the application of multimedia tools in artistic creation and, the production of an artistic proposition in the form of performance about the Biennial theme. Passion and trajectories started in Alexandria followed by a residence in Marseilles and finalized in Naples.. The presentation of the workshop results due in Naples. .read more..>>



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