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International Workshop 2006

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20 - 30 November 2006 opened on 29 November at 12 am

by the organizers,

Reem Hassan & Moataz El Safty



The international workshop at Alexandria Atelier is a workshop in the field of visual arts for 10 days of intensive artistic work by a group of Arab, Egyptian and foreign formative artists. The event is held in Alexandria's atelier, the ancient- rooted building among Alexandria cultural edifices. The objective of holding it is to create an experimental artistic creative climate which activates and motivates new thinking through invention and experimentation in different fields of contemporary visual arts so as to create a new artistic climate from the collective work inspired by a number of professional artists in this field. The event will end by holding an open artistic demonstration for the public for a day only. During this event, the artists of the workshop will meet with critics, artists and writers. Each artist will present an artistic demonstration of his artistic experiment or art in his country through a discussion forum that will be held every evening in the atelier's rooms after completing the work.


Advertising the workshop has started through the electronic website of the atelier on the internet since March 2006. all the required conditions for the workshop was stated in this advertisement and the method of application. It was determined that 30 July 2006 was the last date of receiving all the applications of the participants. In addition, the advertisement was also put on the site as well as informing the final participants in the workshop of the deadline, 15th August, 2006.

As for the actual work in the workshop, the results were really excellent not only through the creative works alone but also, perhaps this was the most important thing in the workshop, through group and team  work and the cultures dialogues which was wonderfully conducted since the first day we started work in the atelier which was the "Presentation " made at the beginning of the workshop and took the whole first and second days from five till ten in the evening. Artists demonstrated all their previous artistic experiments through a video projector show of their works. This meeting was made in the Atelier halls and was attended by a good number of the students and the professors of the faculty of Fine Arts. All artists competed to demonstrate their works one after one until the climate became a beautiful dialogue convention presenting new information for all the audience whether in identifying the new artistic experiments or acquiring varied experiences that correspond to current age through their former works and a demonstration of the contemporary Egyptian art experiments at present through the Egyptian artists participating in the workshop.


After completing the first and second days of the workshop and after the interesting presentation made by the artists to express their ideas and creative views, work was initiated in the workshop by them. Each artist began individually to choose the appropriate setting to work whether directly within the showrooms, in the ateliers which belong to the painting department, in the garden attached to the Atelier, or in the computer lab. Some made a tour in the city to familiarize themselves with its streets and different areas. They photographed what happens in its main roads, streets and old alleys. The most beautiful forms of expression caused by the workshop was that cooperation among the artists from the first meeting and expressing ideas. For example, work started in the workshop with a number of artists who together presented joint-works with no former acquaintance of each other. The artistic product was behind this cooperation which was produce through actual dialogue  and communication between each other; thus, the outcome was wonderful.


The very first days of the workshop, precisely the first two days in which the shows of artists' works took place had the most profound effect on the artists as they were acquainted with each other through the artistic work. Through this artistic work ideas and coordination for the production of joint works were generated. This led also to the identification of art trends from a country to another. This produced some of the above-mentioned works for joint co-operation among some artists. As for the young artists or art students who were invited to help in this workshop and to attend some of these shows, they were greatly impressed as they firstly got to know the extent of artists' thinking and the extent of the art achieved in each country.

Secondly, they were able to identify who they would accompany during the workshop period as they could exchange constructive dialogues and know the beginnings of ideas' generation and the attempt of their achievement. Thirdly, they could search with the participating artists for the materials they needed in order to achieve the idea. All this had a positive role in increasing experience and knowledge and eliminating differences between artists and young assistants.

This was just the beginning, with the passage of the workshop days and the continual work day and night many experiences as well as dialogues between the participating artists themselves, the young artists and art students were added up to them. Indeed, this was the most supreme objective of setting such artistic events. Days went on till we got to the end of the workshop and the opening celebration was hold by giving thanking letters to the participating artist and a collective meeting at the end of the day with all participants in order to get to learn from them personally the positive and negative points of the workshop so that they could be avoided in the future.

The cultural artistic events such as this workshop is what is called now in all cultural fields the dialogue of cultures and the dialogue of civilizations and the proximity of the thinking language  and the acceptance of the other and dealing with the other…etc of new terms in the field of cultural knowledge. As culture enjoys a special importance in what it stirs of discussion in developing communities and as the society does not develop or preserve the continuity except through culture. Hence, it plays a basic and vital role in the life of an individual and group in all communities with their different kinds. In addition, it forms a vital branch in distinguishing between a person and another.

Thus, we see that the artistic workshop here serves as a wide dialogue of multiple branches and benefits in a lot of variables for the participants at the occupational and psychological level of each artist individually. Since man acquires or produces his culture in his own way and gains his privacy through his own environment and as man by his nature has a readiness and ability for variation and change  and dealing with the other; thus, the real output of this event in question is the readiness, capability of change and variation. This readiness is what means here sustaining social efficiency and development criterion.

Therefore, we could say that the International Workshop in Alexandria Atelier achieved perfectly its objective which is the capability for variation, change and dealing with the other. This was carried out through the dialogues of artists and their relations with each other as well as assisting art students, all this and their relation with the directors of the event and the output of this in actual dialogue with the receiver of the performance experiment which is the show presented through their artistic works. This is the real standard of work, not the quality. This time we mean the importance of its existence through its actual presence derived from its subjective origins and working with its reference through the artists themselves by their actual presence among us as an environmental society aspiring for such actual interaction which has been missing for a long time.

On our part as organizers and artists, we observe each moment generated inside each artist whom we participated with the moment of producing his artistic work or idea through his dialogue with everything surrounding him. We can say that the idea of collective international workshops is a brand new idea or an excellent idea and they must be arranged every two years or each year in order to present things. They actually move every stagnant and silent thing whether inside us as creative persons or as students searching for information or renewed ideas away from academic chains and limits and liberate ourselves from them or as participating artists or directors running financial and nominal matters and provide all means of comfort fro those around them. Thus, we say that international workshops at Alexandria Atelier made a great success with the testimony of everybody that made all the attendants in the cultural work and artists talk and whisper and wish participation whether from close or far to be within this change which was not formulated in the art or the artistic product but it was formed inside the self i.e. the output had a pure moral return.


Hence, we can summarize what took place in the workshop as follows:

20th - 21st November 2006 from 10.00 a.m - 9.00 p.m:

Shows concerned with artists presenting their artistic works for the audience or to each other.

22nd - 28th November 2006 from 10.00 a.m - 9.00 p.m:

Working hours of the workshop.

29th November from 12.00 a.m - 7.00 p.m:

Inauguration party during which there is a lunch invitation by the Atelier as a celebration of completing the workshop work.

29th November from 8.00 p.m - 10.00 p.m:

A work round table was arranged for all artists in order to learn the positive and negative points and comments on the workshop in order to avoid these points in future.


It was agreed upon among the participating artists to send their reports concerning the workshop within a week after their return to their countries.

Therefore, we would like to thank the sponsors and assistants who contributed with all support whether financial or moral. We would like to express our gratitude to all artists for their belief in us in the achievement of the idea. We look forward to hold this event again in order to repeat it in a new scope.




Ford Foundation - IIE institute of international education - Al Mawred Al Thaqafy - Artistic Syndicate in Alex - The Austrian Embassy - Samet fund in turkey - Slovenia ministry - Omani Society in Oman - Africalia - Art Moves Africa - Arts Council England - SDA in Alexandria .




Ahmed Abdel Aziz / Egypt

Ahmed El Samra / Egypt

Ahmed Nabil / Egypt

Aida Khalil / Egypt

Akanksha Dhepe / India

Ali Al Mehdar / Oman

Alia Al Faresiah / Oman

Ann Everton / USA

Ardan Özmenoğlu / Turkey

Aslimay Altay / Turkey

Assma Barbary / Egypt

Barbara Gurrieri/Emanuele Tumminelli / Italy

Dereje Demissie / Ethiopia

EF Ablinger  / Austria

Ellis A.Oyekola / Nigeria

Entissar Saad / Egypt

Eva Caridi / Greece

Faisal Farag Allah / Oman

Hazem Abdel Khalea / Egypt

Ibrahim El Tanbouli / Egypt

Issa Al-Mefargi / Oman

Jana Hunterova / Czech Republic

Janice Rider / UK

Kerima Ahmed / Ethiopia

Kianga Ford / USA

Magdy Moussa / Canada - Egypt

Mbizo Chirasha / Zimbabwe

Medhat El Keriony / Egypt

Merikokeb Birhanu / Ethiopia

Miha Boljka / Slovenia

Milan Bosnic - Milica Milicevic / Serbia

Mirna Bamieh / Palestine

Mohamed Nabil / Egypt

Mona Abdel Fatah / Egypt

Monika Pichler / Austria

Richard NEGRE / France

Rima Almozin / Palestine

Ronex Ahimbisibwe / Uganda

Sanaa Al Saberia / Oman

Shadi Al Zaqzouq / Palestine

Smooth C. Nzewi / Nigeria

Teresa Capasso / Italy

Walid Jahin / Egypt




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