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Summer workshops / Summer films 2010: Deadline 10 June 2010



AAW Summer Projects are three activities which are set to three months through a summer holiday for the young, Child and public people, It's begin on June to August 2009, It's aim to introduce the different arts to the public people, and to create interesting atmosphere to audients for creation and share their experiences and develop their talents and skills. The Summer projects give a lot of opportunities to children, Audients and public people through its opening to the professional to organize a lot of workshops which is necessary for the Alexandrian Society.


To participate in AAW Summer Projects download each application and details:


Summer workshops 2010   Download the application form

Painting workshop (Supervised by Reem Hassan)

60 Seconds Video workshop (Supervised by Moataz El Safty)

Digital Print workshop (Supervised by Mohamed Nabil Abdel Salam)

Digital Painting workshop (Supervised by Mohamed Youssef)

Comic Strips workshop (Supervised by Sharif El Sayed)

Jewelry workshop (Supervised by Dalia Refaet)

Hand made workshop (Supervised by Reem Elhawatky)

Landscape Workshop (Supervised by Khaled Hano)


Photography workshop (under Preparation)

Origami workshop (under Preparation)

Flute Master Class (under Preparation)

Summer films 2010

The Cartoon Film's name and Schedule (It's screened every Saturday at 6:00 p.m, starting on 19 June)


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