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International Workshop 2006

the first one was in November 2006, for more click here >>




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Atelier of Alexandria organize international workshop program held each two years.



>>The second one will be on May 2009 for more click here >>.


it is an intense two weeks studio session for an international group of professional visual artists in Atelier. The workshop's mission is to create an environment designed to maximize exchange, stimulate new ideas and encourage experimentation. it's open to all artists from all the world to apply. The workshop culminates in an Open Studio exhibition, free and open to the general public. During the workshop, artists will receive organized studio visits from critics, writers and curators.


The international workshop at Alexandria Atelier is a workshop in the field of visual arts for 15 days of intensive artistic work by a group of Arab, Egyptian and foreign formative artists. The event is held in Alexandria's atelier, the ancient- rooted building among Alexandria cultural edifices.


The objective of holding it is to create an experimental artistic creative climate which activates and motivates new thinking through invention and experimentation in different fields of contemporary visual arts so as to create a new artistic climate from the collective work inspired by a number of professional artists in this field. The event will end by holding an open artistic demonstration for the public for a day only. During this event, the artists of the workshop will meet with critics, artists and writers. Each artist will present an artistic demonstration of his artistic experiment or art in his country through a discussion forum that will be held every evening in the atelier's rooms after completing the work.



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