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AAW Artists Residency Programme is one of three proposals under the frame of AAW projects (Alexandria to Africa to World) which propose international artists workshop, international youth salon and international artists residency programme, itís a four weeks artists residency programs, which is open to any artist working in any media from anywhere in the world. (painting, sculpture, graphic, drawing, photography, installation, video art, performance, music, theatre and writers).

The aims of the Artists Residency Program are to facilitate cultural exchange and creative dialogue internationally and locally by bringing together artists from diverse cultural backgrounds in a stimulating and supportive environment. In this milieu, artists have formed strong professional bonds and lifelong friendships, AAW projects responds to the needs of the Art Community in Alexandria by providing individual studios within an interactive environment.

The studios are rented as private spaces in which to work on a full time basis (from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm). The studio ethos is one of co-operation and interaction. Studio space and interaction with a broader community of artists is necessary to ensure a professional attitude towards work that is being created. Artists Residency Programí Studios address a further need for the community of Alexandria to integrate within a meeting place where art is seen with the respect it deserves.


Download Giudlines - English (For all artists live out of Egypt) : PDF

Download application form - English (For all artists live out of Egypt) : PDF word


Download Guildlines - Arabic (For Egyptian and Arabian artist live in Egypt)  PDF

Download application form - Arabic: (For Egyptian ) For one year  word►   For three months  word


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