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International Workshop 2006


November 2009

France and abroad



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Deadline: 21 June 2009

Download application and Guidelines  â Word âPDF


Your tape must be send to

L’association des Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques

Friche la Belle de Mai - 13331 Marseille Cedex 03 – France


Contact: 04 95 04 96 24 - administration@instantsvideo.com


Who are we

The festival Les Instants Vidéo (international video art and multimedia festival) wants to be a space/time where destinies come across each other, where new cartographies of creation can be weaved, where new lines can be opened in direction to new comets...


Les Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques is a non-profit art organization (association law 1901). It inherited from the Festival founded in 1988 in Manosque (Department of Alpes de Haute Provence). Since 2004, it is based in Marseille and cultivates nomadism. We are always looking for the encounters of publics and artists that we like to name the electronic poets.


What we aim to

Support and promote video art and multimedia creation

with the multiplication of number of screenings all the year long, in France and abroad,

with the diversification of the places/spaces where we present our programms (cinemas, galleries, universities, schools of arts, prisons, theatres, museums, social centers, schools, media librairies....) and with a deep complicity of our partners,

with publishing (the magazines BREF, 24 Images, artists biographies...),

with the organization of theorical and practical training,

with forging the mobility and the fellowship/connection of the works of art and the artists,

with the development of audiances, awared, interested, critical and lively.


Favorise the encounters audiances-works of art-artists, as an invitation to see and think the world, to cross the glances, sharing knowledge, experiences, understanding, imagination of the other, of elsewhere.    


What we do

All the year long, we are making stops in France and abroad, to lead the following activities:

the festival Les Instants Vidéo nomad, every year in autonm (in 2007, it was 71 days, 6 countries, 15 towns, 25 different spots, 456 works of art coming from 54 countries, and more than 65 artists invited),

workshops of awareness and of creation, as laboratories of experimentation, inspiration and education,

conferences about the history of video art and about the international creation,

international screenings that we always accompany and which are written as poems,

development of methods of preservation, archiving and dissemination of multimedia arts (European project eContentPlus GAMA),

(inter)national cooperations shaped like a constellation, in which the artistic creation is approach as an essentiel component of the society, dealing with social, political and cultural issues.


Who are the members

The activities of the association are made possible thanks to the commitment of the volonteers, wose competences and sensitivities are multiple: education, arts, culture, social work, ...


Marine Avallone (accountant, Board of Les Instants  Vidéo)

Issma Benkhaled (responsible of a social service, President of Les  Instants  Vidéo)

Samuel Bester (film maker)

Vania Chelhani (librarian teacher, Board of Les  Instants  Vidéo),

Sophie Charlotte Gautier ( film maker and producer)

Véronique Hampp (cultural « go-between »)

Masako Hattori (plastic arts artist)

Willy Legaud (teacher school of arts, graphic designer)

François Lejault (video artist, teacher school of arts)

Chantal Maire (director of a Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture, co-founder and Board of Les  Instants  Vidéo)

Vincent Makowski (net art artist, graphic designer)

Anne de Marans (cultural administrator, Board Les  Instants  Vidéo)

Coralie Maurin (student school of arts)

Jean-François Moulin (doctor)

Marine M’Sili (history and geography teacher)

Capucine Pellier (cultural « go-between »)

Mathieu Rhoufari (english teacher) 

Thomas Rolin (cultural development)

Lionel Segarra (accountant)


and who are involved in the daily life of the structure as well as in the artistic project, together with the more permanent team :

Marc Mercier (co-founder and artistic director of Les Instants  Vidéo, film maker, writer, video art critic)

Julien Girardot (film maker, film editor, in charge of the GAMA project for Les  Instants  Vidéo)

Pierre Carrelet (director in theatre play, film maker, technical coordinator for Les Instants  Vidéo)

Naïk M’Sili (general coordinator)



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