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13 March - 1 May 2009     


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The appointment is EVERY FRIDAY AT 6 P.M. IN ATELIER.

The projection of the films chosen for this festival has the goal to show italian society but also the artistic works of important italian movie directors. The films will focus on two main themes:

the first one is about the situation in south of Italy which is a big social problem in the country caused first of all by the mafia illegal network. The second theme is about travel as the big immigration waves from Italy and to Italy and also travel as strong change of life.

The calendar of the films is the following:


Firts theme: SOUTH OF ITALY 

13the March : I cento passi by Marco Tullio Giordana

20th March: Il gattopardo by Luchino Visconti

27th March:  Cosi’ ridevano by Gianni Amelio

3rd April:  Io non ho paura by Gabriele Salvatores



10th April: La leggenda del pianista sull’oceano by Giuseppe Tornatore

17th April: L’orchesta di piazza vittorio by Amelio

24th April : Lamerica di Gianni by Gianni Amelio

1st May: Lezioni di volo by Francesca Archibugi


You can find the short descriptions of each film in the website of Atelier and in the next days I will hung a poster in arabic language in Atelier.

The films will be projected in italian language with english subtitles.

Each film will be introduced by a summary  of the story, the historical background and the director.   



1-L'ORCHESTRA DI PIAZZA VITTORIO by Agostino Ferrente. Italy 2006. time: 93 min.

Story: Roma. Vittorio square. A group of italian artists desides to save the old cinema Apollo, builting an orchestra of immigrant musicians. The project starts in 2001 and in few years the orchestra, composed by artists from all over the world, becomes very succesfull.

Through this movie Ferrente want to focus on a real story of solidarity and civil participation.  


2-LA LEGGENDA DEL PIANISTA SULL'OCEANO by Giuseppe Tornatore. Italia 1998. Time 153 mins.

Story: The popular italian director Tornatore tells the story of Danny Boodman T.D. Lemon Novecento who was born on a boat in 1900 and lived his all life without getting off the boat. He spends his days playing piano for the passengers and he is considered the best pianist of the ocean.

As background of his life there is the travel of thousands of italian immigrants of the last century who moved from thier country to America.

The movie is accompanied by the soundtrack of the great italian composer Ennio Morricone.   


3-LAMERICA by Gianni Amelio. Italia 1995. Time 125 mins.

A young man goes to Albania with a buisnessman in order to open a shoes factory there. For legal reasons the two men need a person from there to open the activity. They found an old albanian man. From this moment the young italian man goes through many problems and at the end he takes a boat with the old man to go back to Italy. This adventure focuses on the difficult relationship between Italy and Albania.  



4-LEZIONI DI VOLO by Francesca Archibugi. Italy 2006. Time 106 mins.

Pollo and Curry are two 18 years old boys with no interest in school and life. At the end of the last semester of the high school they decide to make a trip to India. There they meet Chiara, a young doctor who helps them to find the interest in life. Pollo falls in love with her and with her breavness. Curry, who  is from indian origyns and he was adopted from an italian family when he was a child, decides to find his real mother.    


The second theme is the problem of the south of Italy:


1- I CENTO PASSI by M.T.Giordana. Italia 2000. Time 114 mins.

At the end of the '60s in Sicily the Mafia has the control of most of the economic and daily life. The young Peppino Impastato fights agains it in a very original way: he opens a free radio which it becomes his means of revolution agains Mafia. He is tortured and killed by Mafia but his death becomes a symbol of revolution all over Sicily.

A beautiful film about a true story of one of the thousands victims of Mafia.  


2- IL GATTOPARDO by Luchino Visconti. Italy 1963. time 205 mins.

The story takes places in the 1860 during the unification of Italy. Through the words of the Principe di Salina, the main carachter, Visconti gives a good portrait of Sicily describing the change of italian society and the begenning of the new middle classes.

This is an important piece of italian cinematography because it shows very well the tecnique of one of the most important italian director.  


3-IO NON HO PAURA by Gabriele salvatores. Italy 2003. Time 95 mins.

Michele, 10 years old, lives in a small village of south of Italy and he spends his days hanging out with his little sister and his friends. One day he discovers a big hole and inside it a  prisoner child of his same age. He starts to visit him every day, to bring him food, to take him out of the prison. The drama of Michele starts when he descovers his father is envolved in the kidnap of the child. Even though he is very young, he founds a lot of strengh to liberate the child..    


3- COSi' RIDEVANO by Gianni Amelio. Italy 1998. Time 124 mins.  

The difficult brothership beteween two young sicilians takes place on the background of the big immigration waves of thousand of peolpe who moved from the south to the north of Italy during the '60s, expetially in the new industrial centre of Torino because of the opening of the car factory F.I.A.T.

The film won the Leone d'oro prize in Venezia festival in 1998.  




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