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Thessaloniki / Rome 2011

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Report of Atelier of Alexandria

the Egyptian delegation in XV BJCEM biennial 2011

Thessaloniki - Greece and Rome - Italy


By Moataz El Safty

7th  June 2011


Atelier of Alexandria is grateful for the great effort, which was and is continually to organize the 15 edition of BJCEM biennial Thesaloniki and Rome, which is one of the most important artistic events in the world, and every two years we have been waiting for the participation of a number of young Egyptian artists under 30 years to provide them the opportunity to get in touch with world arts, which is reflected in the participation of more than 35 countries from Europe and the Mediterranean, also the development of communication between the artists participating from different countries and exchange of constructive dialogue and to identify closely with various art performances.

we express our great pleasure to provide an opportunity for the participation of a delegation of 14 young artists in visual arts by 9 artists, , Applied arts by 2 artists, poetry by 2 artists and short story by one artist whose will send her artworks only, these numbers provided by the Foundation for the participation of Egyptian artists in  BJCEM.


this edition, I suggested to the board of Atelier that the Jury selection will be the directors of culture centers in Alexandria, and the board of atelier agree with its by the supporting of Prof. Mohamed Rafik Khalil, so I did an web page called Voting page to let all the selection committee who life in alexandria or out of egypt can send his / her voting at any time, also we moved the deadline two times to encourage the interesting young artists to apply.

i hope all the best for this edition of the biennale and i hope we did a useful works for the Egyptian delegation after our protests.


The selection committee:


Prof. Mohamed Rafik Khalil

a Head of Atelier of Alexandria


Dr. Manolis Maragkoulis
the director of Greek cultural center in Alexandria


Mr. Daniel Stoevesandt
the director of Goethe institute in Alexandria


Mrs. Tatiana Weber
the director of French cultural center in Alexandria


Prof. Reem Hassan
Assistant professor in Faculty of fine arts - Alexandria University


Mr. Moataz El Safty
the Art Director of Atelier of Alexandria


Mr. Emiliano Paoletti

General secretary of BJCEM association


Egyptian Delegation:

- The president of Egyptian Delegation

Prof. Mohamed Rafik Khalil


- Curator / Art director of Atelier of Alexandria

Artist. Moataz El Safty


- Artists:


Atelier of Alexandria is a member of the board of BJCEM association read more Details  >>


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